Welcome to Carnival 42

Hello, my name is Ben Mattice. I am the curator of this thousand-caged, carnival side show. Many of the cages are still empty, but I would encourage you not to enter any of them; for the darkness within might encroach upon your sanity. Also, please don’t wander too far from my lamp light. This place is quite large, and I do not have the time to keep an eye on every cage. You may encounter things that will eat you… or entreat you. Just be careful, ok?

If you get lost and have a smart phone, you may use my e-mail Clodaghmogra@gmail.com. Just let me know what kind of creature is gnawing on your leg, and I’ll come find you. But if you really don’t care and enjoy being eaten by a two headed cannibal, then just tell me about it on Facebook.

Here be the first CAGE. Watch your fingers, he bites.


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