Occupied Cages



The Diary

The Veil 

The Lights

Subject 34

The Breath of my Pride

The Phoenix

Red Seas

A Snowboarding Moment

Going Home

The Salt of His Torment

Infinitive Hell

Heads, Billions, Balls, Canary, Rain Coat With Matching Hat and Wellies, Paddington Bear, Mud, Wheat, Mayonaise, Robbie, Perfection, Appendicitis, Appendix, Dogs, Chain Link Fence, State Hospital, Mother, My Brother Jeff, Mr. Morely, Mrs. Hampton, McDonald’s, Rainbows, Raindrops.

Ever Flowing Scarred

The Perfect Season

I was old, but now I am young.

Why I Am a Writer and Not an Artist

Stream of Consciousness in a Library

“It’s what Paul told me to do, the bastard.”

Blood Brothers

Pure Worship?

The Darkest Part of the Night

Those People

The Lumpys

The Critic

Indestructible, Pea Green, Crystal Shaped, Latex and Rubber Foam Filled Dog Toy

The Great Arroyo

Unusually Soft and Fluffy

Thar Be Sea Monstarrs!

One thing wrapped around another

From a goat to Adderal and back again.

Writing prompt #1

Poetry Excercise #6

Sticky Note Evangelism

Hard Rain

It was the puns

Vampires: Mythic Lovers or Demons?

The Time Traveler

The Naked James Chronicles #1



“Go tell your hamster to behave.”

A Writer’s Confession





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